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About Me

For the past 6 years I've worked in the world of Graphic Design, Animation, Motion Graphics and 3D Modeling. Currently, I'm making career change and looking for a Web / Software Development focused role.


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Web Development

I'm an ambitious Frontend Developer who has spent the past few years learning JavaScript, React JS, and strengthening my HTML / CSS skills.

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Motion Graphics / Animation

I'm a self-taught Animator / Motion desiger and have been working on projects since 2019.

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3D Design

As long with 2D Animation and Motion Graphics, I have incorporated 3D Modeling and Animation into much of my design work.

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Graphic Design

I am well versed in all things Graphic Design and have worked as a professional in the field for the past 6+ years.

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Contemporary Art

Much of my professional design work stems from my background in Contemporary Art.

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