Web Development

Here are some samples of my recent coding projects.

Most Recent Project

A recent project created while working on the Scrimba Frontend Developer Career Path. This project utilizes pulling JSON data from The Color Api and using JavaScript to display random colors in a minimalist, PANTONE style card as well as their color profile information when the Generate New Color button is clicked.

Previous Projects

List Pagination and Filtering


This project was to use JavaScript and progressive enhancement to write the code and take a default list of 54 students and dynamically break it up into separate pages that display only 10 students at a time. Additionally, adding buttons to the bottom of the page that allow users to navigate through the list, 10 students at a time.

Interactive Form

See the Pen Full Stack JavaScript TechDegree Project 3 by Garrett Siegel by garrettsiegel (@garrettsiegel) on CodePen.


Using Vanilla JavaScript and JQuery, enhance an interactive registration form.

Tasks included: Setting focus to input fields, create unobtrusive fields that are can be shown/hidden and available when JS is turned off, set conditions for checkboxes allowing certain boxes to show upon different options, calculating the total of items selected and printing out that total below the items section, display the proper payment section for payment method selected and default methods, setting form validation using regular expressions with validation error messages, form works without JavaScript. Exceeds expectations criteria to add conditional and real-time validation.